April 21-27th – The Happiest People Pursue the Most DIfficult Problems

This article is called “The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems” (http://blogs.hbr.org/kanter/2013/04/to-find-happiness-at-work-tap.html) and talks about a new approach to achieving happiness. It focuses on the idea that the happiest people are happy because they face difficult problems, which are usually the struggles of others – helping those suffering terminal illness, helping the homeless, etc. Happiness often comes from the feeling that you are making a difference. There are 3 primary sources of motivation in high innovation companies – mastery, membership and meaning. Money acts as a scorecard, but is not actually a source of motivation. Helping others also helps promote human connection and expression of emotion, which can also make you a happier person. Leaders should tap into the 3main sources of motivation in order to help optimize their daily work and reap the rewards of happiness by doing so.

I agree with this article because I believe that helping others truly does make you feel happy. I think the article brought up a good point when it mentions the benefits of social entrepreneurship, because it is beneficial both to the person starting the business as well as the people who are potential customers, using the services of the company. I can relate to the article because I feel better about myself when helping others. For example, doing something little like helping my little sister understand her homework can give me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I am helping.

BOH Topic: Management Challenges – Motivation – explain the relationship between motivation, rewards, and job performance


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