April 14-20th – 5 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

This article is called “5 Tips for Dealing With Anxiety” (http://www.inc.com/barbara-mendez/5-tips-for-dealing-with-anxiety.html) and talks about ways to deal with workplace stress. When you feel anxious or stressed out (especially in relation to business), it can have an effect on workplace performance. This kind of stress is frequently felt by entrepreneurs who have to solely start up their own business, because of the large amounts of work involved in the process. Furthermore, this kind of stress can also affect your personal life and make working a less enjoyable task overall. In order to over come this, there are 5 tips given by the article:

1) Eat well

2) Lay off the coffee

3) Excercise

4) Make a plan

5) Be thankful

I agree with this article because I feel like this tips can help you maintain a proper work-life balance, therefore putting you in a better mental state to work effectively. Also, these tips can help improve your life overall, not just in relation to your workplace life or just in relation to personal life. I can relate to the article because I feel that eating well and exercising are crucial to your life because it means you are being healthy and taking better care of yourself, therefore meaning that your mental health will also be improved. By using these two approaches myself, I know that they work for me and help deal with workplace or school anxiety.

BOH Topic: Management Challenges –> Stress and Conflict Management –> identify stress-reduction techniques used in organizations (e.g.,wellness programs, meditation, time-management training, flex-time);


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