April 7-13th – The 12 Habit of Highly Collaborative Organizations

This article is called “The 12 Habit of Highly Collaborative Organizations” (http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/tech-manager/the-12-habits-of-highly-collaborative-organizations/8197?tag=nl.e106&s_cid=e106&ttag=e106) and talks about a series of 12 habits which can improve the overall functioning of an organization. It mentions that no two companies are the same, however, the same logic applies to the way that these different companies must operate in order to improve themselves in the future. All successful organizations have the same features in common. These 12 features or habits are:

1.  Individual benefit is just as important as the overall corporate benefit (if not more important)

2.  Strategy before technology

3.  Listen to the voice of the employee

4.  Learn to get out of the way

5.  Lead by example

6.  Integrate into the flow of work

7.  Create a supportive environment

8.  Measure what matters

9.  Persistence

10. Adapt and evolve

11. Employee collaboration also benefits the customer

12. Collaboration can make the world a better place

The article also mentions that by collaborating, people reduce stress in the workplace, make their jobs easier, allow more work freedom and make others happier, thus improving the atmosphere of the workplace. All of this, on top of increasing employee productivity and benefiting the customers, makes the idea of collaboration worthwhile and beneficial to everyone involved.

I agree with this article because the 12 habits or features mentioned have been taken from very successful organizations (IBM, TELUS, Lowe’s, etc.) and these observations have resulted in the same 12 features standing out in each of the companies. I think that the features make sense because policies such as supportive environments, persistence and strategics all positively reinforce what a company stands for and have the ability to increase employee productivity. For example, I can identify with “7. Create a supportive environment” because I think that I can perform best at school when my classroom is supportive in the way that I have guidance from a teacher as well as peer support. 

BOH Topic: Foundations of Management – Management Fundamentals – identify the characteristics of an organization (e.g., purpose, division of labour, hierarchy of authority)


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