April 21-27th – The Happiest People Pursue the Most DIfficult Problems

This article is called “The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems” (http://blogs.hbr.org/kanter/2013/04/to-find-happiness-at-work-tap.html) and talks about a new approach to achieving happiness. It focuses on the idea that the happiest people are happy because they face difficult problems, which are usually the struggles of others – helping those suffering terminal illness, helping the homeless, etc. […]

April 7-13th – The 12 Habit of Highly Collaborative Organizations

This article is called “The 12 Habit of Highly Collaborative Organizations” (http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/tech-manager/the-12-habits-of-highly-collaborative-organizations/8197?tag=nl.e106&s_cid=e106&ttag=e106) and talks about a series of 12 habits which can improve the overall functioning of an organization. It mentions that no two companies are the same, however, the same logic applies to the way that these different companies must operate in order to […]