March 31st- April 6th – 5 Lessons in Learning and Leadership

This article ( talks about how to maintains career momentum while taking a new approach at it, primarily through 5 lessons discussed in the article. It talks about the value of each lesson, and argues the value of education versus real life workplace experience. The five lessons are:

1. Take Inventory – because knowing your personal strengths and weaknesses helps you grow

2. Know your options – know the different ways that you can improve yourself

3. Follow your passion – because you will excel in what you love doing

4. Put first things second – use your new learnings and apply them to your current projects

5. Teach to learn – by passing on what you know, you improve your entire teams productivity

I agree with this article because I think that it shows a few new approaches to leadership. Unlike many articles, this one brings up new ideas such as following your passion, and focusing more on your personal strengths/weaknesses in order to figure out where there is room for improvement. I can personally relate to this article specifically in terms of “following your passion”, because I think that I work best and excel at my work when I am doing what I love (or working on a subject that I love), because I actually enjoy what I am doing, and therefore get better marks in that course. I also relate to “taking inventory”, because the only way to improve yourself is to firstly figure out where there is room to improve by taking inventory of your current skillset.

BOH Topic: Leading –> Leadership Techniques –> analyse the characteristics of effective leaders (e.g., integrity, drive, vision, commitment to equity and diversity in the workplace)


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