“Want to Succeed as a Leader?” – March 24th-30th

This article is called “Want to Succeed as a Leader? Then You Need to Tighten Your Focus” (http://www.tlnt.com/2013/03/04/want-to-succeed-as-a-leader-then-you-need-to-tighten-your-focus/) and discusses the factors which do and dont contribute to success as a leader. It begins by mentioning that leaders biggest problems usually dont have to do with lack of commitment or work ethic, but moreover it has to do with leaders not expanding and refocusing their understanding of time management in a way that allows them to truly understand the nature of their position. As a persons job changes, they need to adapt and focus to meet the demands of the new role. It discusses the concept of “catch-22”, which basically means that as you climb the corporate ladder, the more distractions you must deal with, since your position and strategic priorities become increasingly important. No matter how hard a person works, it wont produce good results unless you have complete focus on the task at hand. According to the article, the most effective leaders:

– make their meetings short

– hire staff to help organize and prioritize

– share their power

– learn to say NO

– practice healthy habits in their personal lives

The benefits of having such staff with similar work ethic is that they help you with not wasting your time, because they are also focusing on what is important. I personally agree with this article because I think that by focusing, you can produce the best quality results out of your work. I can relate to this because I feel that I finish my homework fastest and to the best of my ability when I isolate myself from any distractions (ex. turn my phone off), since my complete focus is on my work.

BOH Topic: Planning and Controlling – Planning Tools and Techniques –¬†demonstrate the ability to use time management techniques


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