March 17th-23rd – Why I Dont Fire Jerks

This article is called “Why I Dont Fire Jerks” ( and focuses on teaching a new tactic in terms of keeping or firing employees (for HR professionals). It lists various benefits to having the so-called jerks in your company, and discusses the various results and repercussions of doing so. Firstly, you need to consider their future potential rather than their past attitude, because their potential is what can help the company in the future. Next, its your job to stop bad behaviour, so if someone is acting out, its your fault that its not being stopped so rather than looking down on the person, you should correct the behaviour. You also might be modelling bad behaviour which employees have caught onto, so it isnt fair to pin the problems solely on the employee. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to drop the headhunters, because they arent curcial to the company and there are more important people to be hired. Lastly, you should reevaluate your pay structure, because the problem might not be the employees themselves, but rather how you are paying each of them.

In my opinion, this article brings up some good points about keeping certain employees around, but it puts a lot of the blame on the manager, and in a lot of cases, it might not be the managers fault. I think there are different approaches the article could have used to evaluate the position of “jerks” in a company, and it could have brought up more appropriate ways to deal with such situations.

BOH Topic: Organizing –> Human Resources –> – explain the strategies and concepts involved in developing and retaining a quality workforce


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