February 4th-9th – Treat Everything as a Case Study

This article is called “Treat Everything as a Case Study” and focuses on approaching your day to day problems with a new mindset (http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/01/treat_everything_as_a_case_study.html).  It explains the writer’s experience with this new method of looking at things, from everything as little as questioning a car dealerships’ setup to fixing broken headphones, everything can be treated as a business case study, and thus solved accordingly. Every problem that one encounters, especially concerning a product or service, can be traced back to poor planning on the part of the company manufacturing or providing the service. For example, if there is an issue connecting to a wireless network, the real question is, “why didnt the company test signal strength before selling the router?” When such questions come to mind, the common thing to do is to leave them unanswered and just assume that it is the way that is it. However, in order to actually solve problems and come up with constructive solutions, one has to treat the question as part of a case study, consider external factors, and eventually come to a conclusion based on research and effective planning. The real solution is to debate such questions, and in most cases, debates lead to imaginative problem solving. Using this method has the ability to sharpen your debating and imaginative skills because it helps develop your own cognitive processes. Furthermore, it introduces the idea of creative, adaptive and innovative thinking in the workplace which can help inspire those around you in order to increase productivity on a regular basis. Using this will naturally also be applied in the workplace, and it will help your company find innovative solutions, while also helping create a better environment for leadership and management by effectively assisting any issue that fellow employees bring to you. 

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