January 28th-February 2nd – 7 Signs You`re Ready to be Your Own Boss

This article (http://www.inc.com/steve-tobak/what-great-employees-do.html) takes a new approach on entrepreneurship. It states that the key to starting your own business is great leadership skills, because they build the foundation for your company, and allow you to manage others effectively. The 7 signs that you’re ready to be an entrepreneur include firstly, that you manage your responsibilities, rather than managing your personal brand. Secondly, you tell the completely honest truth rather than sugar coating everything. You must always find a way to meet your commitments and get the job done, which requires motivation. Next, you shouldn’t interview particularly well, because on the job performance is more important. You should seek achievement, not power or authority because those arent the key to success. You ask “how high” hypothetically instead of questioning what is asked of you. Lastly, you dont ever whine because running your own business is hard work and you should be able to handle the work without complaints. Finding these 7 qualities within you can ensure that you’re ready to become an entrepreneur.

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