January 21st-26th – How to Become Open Minded

This article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkwilliams/2013/01/07/the-5-secret-tricks-of-great-people-how-to-become-open-minded-in-2013/) talks about strategies managers can use to become open minded. This is a valuable feature to many managers beause it allows them to accept and integrate new ideas into the operations of a business. It starts by listing the benefits of being open minded, which are listed below:

– letting go of control

– experiencing changes

– making yourself vulnerable

– making mistakes

– strengthening yourself

– gaining confidence

– being honest

For some people, being open minded comes easily while others struggle with it. The following steps can teach you to be more open minded through changing your habits. Firstly, listen more than you talk, because by doing this you break a habit and can actually absorb others ideas. Next, avoid making snap decisions, because you should get all the facts before coming to a conclusion. Thirdly, you should thank people for their suggestions, because it makes them feel appreciated and allows them to contribute on a frequent basis. Furthermore, you should encourage frankness because people grow and learn best when they hear the complete truth. Lastly, you should hunt for new opportunities because by being open minded, you can constantly find new opportunities for growth and improvement.

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