Jan 14-19th – 4 Ways to Be a Leader Who Matters

This article (http://www.inc.com/les-mckeown/4-ways-to-be-a-leader-who-matters.html) talks about leadership techniques that make you a more effective leader. It mentions that what we need in the world of business is a leader who has the ability to make positive, long term changes. It states that the greatest challenge is to build companies that grow and are profitable in the long term, which provide employment that is rewarding and which help add to a fair society. To do this, you need to be a leader who are prepared to not just rush to new opportunities and extract short term gain, we need leaders who think and act in the long term, which has the ability to change lives and leave a legacy. This can all be achieved by 4 simple steps to effective leadership. Firstly, leaders should find a place of solitude; a place where they can think in order to work on their mental strength and contemplate their lives so that they can further improve themselves. Secondly, you should find your contemplation trigger, in which you question your greatest challenge and discover what the important factors are within it, so that you can accordingly prioritize how to deal with any challenge that you face. Next, leaders should go beyond instant gratification, by choosing to pause and invest in reflection (not only for yourself, but also for others) by using the “rule of 90” where you wait 90 seconds before sharing an accomplishment of your own or others. Lastly, you should model more than you share, because leaders are the role models of the office, and by actually exhibiting behavior you expect, you inspire others to act in the same manner. 

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