January 6th-12th – Acing 3 Job Interview Questions

This article is called “Acing the Only Three True Job Interview Questions” (http://www.forbes.com/sites/georgebradt/2013/01/02/acing-the-only-three-true-job-interview-questions/) and deals with answering commonly asked interview questions. The 3 that the article sees as most important are can you do the job, will you love the job and can we tolerate working with you? The focus of these three questions are your strengths, your motivation and whether or not you are fit for the role. There are three steps to answering these questions; think before opening your mouth, answer the question asked and bridge to answer the true underlying question. When you think, you should formulate your thoughts without just jumping straight to an answer. You must answer the question asked because if you dont, the interviewer will automatically write you off, but dont say too much or too little. You must answer the question just enough to satisfy the interviewer without getting them to tune you out. Lastly, you must bridge to answer the true underlying question, by connecting the dots between your response to the question asked and the answer to the underlying question. You have to find that link, and use it to convey your message correctly. The combination of these techniques helps with a successful job interview by displaying your strengths, motivation and your fit with the company.


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