December 17-22: 8 Beliefs That Make You More Resilient

This article ( “8 Beliefs That Make You More Resilient” discusses the importance of your personal beliefs regarding the business world. It starts by talking about how many people focus on aspects of their lives that they can’t control, including outside events, what other people think, etc. It shifts itd focus to highlight the importance of factors in your life that we actually can control; our attitude, emotions, behavior and beliefs. Of the four, beliefs is said to be most important because it influences the other 3 factors. Your beliefs have the ability to prepare you for any emotional distress and propel you to a level at where you can conquer any dilemma in the business world. According to the article, the 8 most important personal beliefs are:
1. Today’s success can create tomorrow’s failure if I let success determine my motivation.
2. I learn more from failure than from success.
3. I use phrases like “I will” and “I must.”
4. If I don’t take action, I’ll fail by default.
5. What I say reinforces what I think.
6. I am responsible for my own happiness, so when other people are unkind to me, it reminds me to be kind to myself.
7. The magic words are: “Do not take it personally.”
8. While there are situations where strong emotions are appropriate, most business situations do not require misery.

These beliefs are based off of a combination of theories by motivational and personal growth experts Art Mortell and Omar Periu, and demonstrate the kind of mentality that some of the most emotionally intelligent people in the business world have.

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