December 10-15: Keep Your To-Do List Fresh

This article is entitled “Keep Your To-Do List Fresh with the 3-Day Rule” ( and deals with 3 major tips in order to keep to-do lists up to date and as effective as possible. To-do lists are only useful is items on the list as constantly being taken care of and crossed off as they are completed. If theres an item which has been on your list for more than 3 days, there are 3 things that you can do. Firstly, try to do it immediately because it may take less time than you think it will. This ensures that the task gets done as soon as possible and gets it off your list. Secondly, you could try scheduling it into a time of your calender and making an appointment to get the task done, because by making an appointment for it you are more likely to get it done. Thirdly, you could let it die because if you dont want to do it now and dont want to schedule it, it most likely isnt going to get done. Accept that it is not a priority and can be taken off your list. By using this set of rules your list continuously gets items taken off of it so that it remains current and up to date, while also ensuring that your tasks are getting completed in time. 

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