December 3-9: How Not to Use Powerpoint and Other Creative Presentation Ideas

This article entitled “How Not to Use Powerpoint and Other Creative Presentation Ideas” ( discusses ways to bring creativity to presentations and make them more effective. The following tips discussed in the article maximize how effective your presentation is while also engaging your audience.

– Use fewer words on slides – Don’t show every word you plan to say in your presentation because fewer words help maintain audience attention and cover your mistakes in speech.

– Prioritize the material on the Powerpoint slide – use the forced choice technique to limit what you put on the slide.

– Help the audience focus– if it’s a complicated chart , consider using custom animation in Powerpoint to circle the area you’re addressing or a picture insert to enlarge what you’re referencing.

– Do something completely different –consider that there may be a story, anecdote, or image you could use to make your point in a more effective way.

– Practice less – and listen more – Record your presentation and listen to it in order to hear what isn’t working, and fix it before you present for a more effective presentation.

– Cut back on multimedia & animation – Using various sounds, moving images, and videos won’t fix poor presentation skills, it just puts more pressure to hit cues in the presentation.

– Have fun – Look friendly and approachable as you present, but avoid telling bad jokes if you arent “funny in real life” or forcing a smile if it isn’t genuine as audiences will get annoyed.

Using these principles  will demonstrate to your audience that you’re thinking about them and are making an effort to deliver value to them with your presentation design.

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