Article # 6 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Freelancers

“7 Habits of Highly Effective Freelancers” ( is an article basically outlines 7 suggested habits for freelancers to adopt in order to increase productivity and improve overall work quality. The first habit is to start early, which, according to the article, allows you to accomplish more because your brain is at its best in the morning. The second is to always be pitching, which means that you should always be selling yourself and your brand image. Habit number 3 is to create your space, meaning your office space should be somewhere designed for you to be productive. The fourth habit is to diversify yourself, because defining and letting the world know who you are help build your image. Number five reminds you to negotiate and to never settle for less than your worth. Habit number six is to mingle or to network, because it not only allows you to work with other leaders, but also allows you to earn money through networking. The last habit is to “get a life”, because working too much can lead to less productivity as a result of burn out, and taking breaks to do what you enjoy can improve work quality. The combination of these habits can allow oneself to become a more effective freelancers and therefore a better leader.

For the week of November 19th

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