Article #4 – The Power of a Positive Attitude

In this article, titled “The Power of a Positive Attitude” (, the author focuses on discussing how having a positive mindset can influence your day-to-day life. It talks about how a positive attitude can help improve your health, relationships, chance at success and even increase your lifespan. Often its the negative aspect of our lives which stop us from having a positive attitude, and most of this negativity is self-inflicted. Some of the negative aspects of life which we face include arguments, worry, fear, blame, complaints, criticism, mistrust, jealousy and gossip. Furthermore, having a positive attitude can boost energy, heighten inner strength, inspire others and help overcome challenges. Research has also proven that it can decrease depression, reduce stress, provide better defense to the common cold, better psychological well-being, and reduce risk of certain diseases. There are a variety of ways to adopt a positive attitude, but it all starts with the conscious choice to do so within yourself. The article goes on to explain certain steps which can be taken to have a positive mindset, which include surrounding yourself with positive people, being positive yourself, resisting negative thinking, being nice to yourself, setting goals, keeping life in perspective, turning challenges into opportunities and counting your blessings. This approach of trying to influence your own life positively rather than trying to change external factors allows you to have better control over the positivity in your life and thus allows you to be more successful in it’s pursuit. 

For the week of November 5th

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