Article # 7 – 12 Most Valuable Listening Skills

This article is called “12 Most Valuable Listening Skills” ( and basically deals with the literal skills involved in listening to a person. This can be relevant to management because a critical part of leadership is communicating with your team, most of which could be through listening to their ideas and input. The first skill the article […]

Article # 6 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Freelancers

“7 Habits of Highly Effective Freelancers” ( is an article basically outlines 7 suggested habits for freelancers to adopt in order to increase productivity and improve overall work quality. The first habit is to start early, which, according to the article, allows you to accomplish more because your brain is at its best in the […]

Article #4 – The Power of a Positive Attitude

In this article, titled “The Power of a Positive Attitude” (, the author focuses on discussing how having a positive mindset can influence your day-to-day life. It talks about how a positive attitude can help improve your health, relationships, chance at success and even increase your lifespan. Often its the negative aspect of our lives which stop […]