Article # 3 – Student Personal Branding

This article, “5 Easy Steps for Students to Establish their Personal Brand Using Social Networking” (, discusses the importance of students creating a “personal brand” of themselves based on their personal identity. The article starts by talking about social networking  and how although it is often portrayed in a negative light, it can have a variety of advantages to students. The concept of personal branding, as said by the article, is applicable to students because it can make a person stand out as an individual based on how they portray themselves. The ability to market yourself through your qualities, skills and personality is essential to creating and maintaining a professional image for yourself. Although your “brand image” might continuously change, a person should start as a student to develop the foundational parts to their personal brand, such as their personality traits and natural talents. Not only does it help a person identify their own identity better, it also allows them to boost their confidence in terms of what they offer potential employers. The article goes on the explain the 5 steps to starting your own personal brand; identify specific goals, separate your friends from your branding, use the same picture, include a link to your resume and be consistent. The combination of these steps ensure that you are maintaining a professional image, making yourself identifiable, and making yourself available to potential opportunities. By creating a personal brand, students have the ability to set themselves up for a professional image that  will likely benefit them in the future.

(For the week of October 29th, 2012)

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