Article #2 – Preparing for a Tough Discussion

This article, called “A Little Known Way to Prepare for a Tough Discussion” (, discusses literally how to conduct yourself in a situation in which you have to have a tough conversation with someone. The article begins by outlining what people presume will come out of a difficult discussion, and what makes it so difficult in the first place. This often has to do with either person becoming emotional, angry, upset, etc.. The article then goes to discuss the “obvious” approaches to this kind of discussion; minimizing likelihood of your worst fears and focusing on what you wants to happen. Most importantly, the article mentions a new and (apparently) more effective technique – simply being open to whatever happens. By accepting whatever happens, you are given the power in the situation and put less importance on how the other person will react. You should face what you don’t want to happen in the situation, and mentally prepare yourself to deal with it if such a situation arises. This makes you prepared for anything, and makes you the “leader” of the conversation. By doing this, you also reveal to yourself what you desire out of the conversation; whether you are looking for approval or even insight from the other person, and realize what you are saying that could potentially trigger a negative reaction on the other person’s behalf. By being fully aware of what you are saying and what the possible outcomes might be, you are preparing yourself to successfully communicate your message.

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