Leadership Freedom Article

The article “Leadership Freedom: Learning to Let Go” (http://linked2leadership.com/2012/10/11/leadership-freedom-learning-to-let-go/) discusses a new approach to a successful business, involving literally “letting go” of your business for a short period of time. The idea behind leaving your business is for both “professional and personal” reasons. The author talks about how he had a personal dream of racing, and therefore took a month long vacation to Europe in order to do so. While it might be a risk, the author discussed 4 main reasons that it benefits the business. The first reason is that it gives the manager an opportunity to think outside the box, and gives new perspectives/insight into business operations. Secondly, it allows your team a chance to grow and mange the business without constant supervision and help from a manager. Furthermore, this kind of a break allows the manager to “clear their mind” and take a step back from the stress of daily office life, while giving a new approach to the business. Lastly, it allows you to discover yourself as a person, thus helping your team view you as not only a business leader, but also as an individual who they can relate to.

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